Install Emscripten

We can use “emscripten SDK (emsdk)” in order to install emscripten to your develop environment. Python must be installed to use commands included in “emscripten SDK (emsdk)”, which is written in Python script.

Install Python

Follow instructions in Using Python on Windows - Installation steps1. When installing, make sure that Add python into PATH is checked.

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Download emscripten SDK (emsdk)

Follow link to GitHub - emscripten-core/emsdk, then Click Code button in green and Download ZIP button in this order2.


Install Emscripten

Open Explorer, and move directory to the folder you have downloaded emsdk, then type cmd into the address bar.



After launching command prompt, type these commands:

emsdk install 3.1.20
emsdk activate 3.1.20 --permanent

emsdk install 3.1.20 will install emscripten and its dependencies (clang, node.js, java) to your develop environment. emsdk activate 3.1.20 --permanent will perform setup for these tools.

  1. Enable pip and Add python into PATH if you want to customize python instalation 

  2. You can use git clone instead of downloading zip, if git is available in your environment.