Setup Visual Studio Code

Install Extensions

Open “Extension Tab” in Visual Studio Code, search and install these extensions:

  • C/C++ VSCode Extension
  • Debugger for Firefox (Optional)
  • WebAssembly on Chrome Debugger (Optional)


Create Project from Template

Follow link to GitHub - nokotan/OpenSiv3DForWeb-VSCode, then Click Code button in green and Download ZIP button in this order.

This template is configured and ready to use ..

  • Intellisense Configurations
    • Include Directories
    • Macro Definitions
  • Build & Debug Task Definitions

Completed downloading this template, extract zip into a folder.


Launch Visual Studio Code, open folder-selecting dialog1, and select the folder that includes “Sample Program for OpenSiv3D for Web” you have extracted.


Next Step

Check out Writing First Code!

  1. Click File > Open Folder ...